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Harambe Market

Harambe Market is hidden gem at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Opening in May of 2015 it wasn't until a hot summer day in 2016 that we took the time to venture over and explore.

When you travel to Disney in the summer you expect it to be hot and you prepare for it. On this particular summer day it was abnormally hot. One of those days that should be upper 80s/low 90s, but is actually in the 100s and feels like 110 type day. Let's not forget we are at AK which is hotter than other parks so let's change that 'feels like' temp to 120 ha!

On this sweltering day we had been exploring the park while wrestling our 16 month old for most of the day and then it hit me, the HANGRY. Y'all know what I'm talking about when you are so hungry you become angry, and let's be honest I'm probably not anyone's favorite to be around when I'm hangry. When Patrick sees my hangry he finds me food immediately (because he is a smart man) and what did he find this time around? The Harambe Market! I went up to order my usual meal with a coke to drink when I noticed the specialty drinks on the menu, and that watermelon lemonade caught my eye! I substituted my usual to give this new lemonade a shot. We sat down to eat and I drink the whole glass before I even touched my food. Patrick then went and got me a second one to have while I ate my meal (again he is a really smart man). And thus my love for the watermelon lemonade was born and became the inspiration for our Harambe Lemonade scent.

So to recap we can thank a hot summer day in the parks, and a whole lot of hangry for this scent!


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